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is an online student-run journal that creates opportunities for young scholars around the world to share their learning and publish their thoughts and discoveries.

A flaw that haunts passionate, young scholars is the lack of opportunities to apply their knowledge in a creative way and to discuss their views with an international community. Thus, YGS is created to allow scholars to publish their knowledge and research in the field of science and/or social science they feel passionate about. The science category includes research papers and science articles. Social science includes creative writings, editorial reviews, visual arts, and opinion pieces on recent developments in politics, economics, philosophy and the arts.


YGS is conceived by students of Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS). The initiative began with the burning desire to make an impact in the world where scholars have limiting platforms to communicate their academic interests. Similar to YYGS, YGS aims to provide young visionaries with a platform not only for learning new content but to apply that content by delivering them through student articles. Articles written by scholars will be compiled and published as a YGS journal available for download on our website. We hope to receive submissions from individuals. YGS is not only a place to communicate our passion, it is also a place that links scholars from all around the world and we wish to use that thriving network of young minds to work creatively and receive recognition, and to widen our collective horizons beyond education curriculum.

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