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The editing 


Executive science editor


Jerry Zhang

Science editors 

Fatima Yaqoob

Kareena Patel

Hassan Bukhari

Hayley Chu

Amal Khan

Executive social science editor 


Max Fan

social science editors

Cindy Huang

Olivia Griffin Roach

Abby Wincey


Anna Julia Schwars



Jerry Zhang Australia & China

"I'm interested in immunology and virology, and the underlying machinery of cancer development."

Saiesha gupta UK & India 

"I love researching about chemistry and physics, and in my free time I enjoy capturing moments around me through the lens of my camera."

Rabéa kahkahni Morroco

"I am deeply in love with astrophysics and really anything that tells me a little bit more about our mysterious universe."

Maria clara porta Brazil

"I love math, science, art and to paint and to play various instruments." 

Hassan bukhari Pakistan

"I am a passionate poet and an enthusiastic writer. For me, science is the language which only logic and evidence can speak."

Kaveesh naggea Mauritius

"I have kaleidoscopic interests and I like engaging with topics such as philosophy, politics, economics as well as physics."


THU Bui Vietnam

"I love reading and writing and I'm super passionate about social science."

sara azimipour USA

"I am passionate about mental health and love playing tennis and soccer. I consider myself a big science nerd, especially when it comes to biology and science."

bode murairi Democratic Republic of Congo

"I'm most interested in music, development and finding solutions to global challenges. I also have an interest in natural sciences such as chemistry"

Sophie Ponton Mauritus

"I write about anything: poetry, prose, social science, and I am most passionate about political philosophy."

Katie lam USA & Hong Kong

"I love horseback riding, painting, and research."

Jade Jang USA

Jade is interested in continental philosophy - despite all its flaws - and its possible relevance to politics. 

Ryan Napo Kenya

"I'm interested in computer science and the arts. I am also an avid tennis player."

Laura ionescu Romania

"I am interested in continental philosophy - despite all its flaws - and its possible relevance to politics."

Soghmon boujkian Armenia & Syria

"I am really interested in Linguistics" 

Kingston lew Malaysia

"I am an avid debater, and I am passionate about politics and LGBTQ+ issues." 

Lawrence kim South Korea

"Maths... Science... Now we're talking." 

Alexandra born USA

"I'm a naturally inquisitive person who loves to learn about everything from neuroscience to literature, although I'm especially passionate about economics and international relations. I play tennis and am involved in Model U.N." 

kavi raj USA

Besides her passion in medicine and research, Kavi has been learning Bharatanatyam, a South Indian classical dance for the past 12 years.

Qing Shen China

"I love social sciences. And I love doing research and write essays."

Mahum Sheikh USA

"I am interested in politics, economics, and I aspire to broaden my horizons by engaging in these topics!"

zimo zhu Australia

"I am passionate about food science and nutrition. In the hopes that I can promote healthy and nourishing eating lifestyle to everyone."

Jennifer chen USA

"I'm interested in neuroscience, learning languages, and am a huge fan of reading classic novels!"

fatima Yaqoob UK

"I'm particularly interested in space medicine, infectious diseases, and global health!"

Rebeccah fleischmann USA

"I'm passionate about neuroscience and computer science. I am interested in research and hope to one day I will make a discovery that helps others"

Kevin wang Canada 

"I'm a big Star Wars fan and I'm interested in how micro-plastic accumulation affects living cells."

ELLY wolhardt Hong Kong

"I'm an arts student passionate about theatre, fine arts, and music, with a background in classical viola."

anna ghelfi Milan

"I find all the branches of science fascinating, but I am especially interested in neuroscience."

Leon xie USA

"I like computer science and biology, and am currently exploring the interconnection between the two academic disciplines." 

Zuzana hudacova Slovakia

"I am an aspiring neuroscientist involved in neurogenesis research and Covid-19 diagnostics development." 

Hayley chu Hong Kong

"I'm interested in engineering and gender inequality issues in STEM."


Mihika Jain India

"My interests range from game theory to sport to theories of feminism, and they all find a mention in my writing." 

meiya gujjalu Mauritius

"I'm really interested in the fight for equality, environmental activism, visual arts and literature."

Patience nambaziira Uganda

"I am interested in continental philosophy - despite all its flaws - and its possible relevance to politics."

siddhartha arya India

"My passion is computer science, and I love machine learning and AI. I'm also interested in learning about new things including blockchain and quantum computing."

Emma kwek pollet United Kingdom

"I'm very interested in politics and legal issues, along with the connections between the two."

isabella walther-meade USA

"My focus revolves around cultural interactions and international affairs- especially pertaining to migration patterns and responses."

matilda piovella Italy

"I love discovering the world of endless possibility that arts and literature enclose!"

rania harrara Morocco

"I am interested in political science and sociology. I love learning about wars and conflicts around the world."​

Vrrona odhiambo Kenya

"I am passionate about the sciences and humanities and often love to integrate them."

Dang Xuan Huy Vietnam

"I'm interested in researching about economics and the insights it gives to an ever-changing, interlinked and sophisticated world."

Cindy huang Micronesia

"I enjoy writing, travelling, and playing with my dogs."

anna julia schwars Brazil

"My interests range from cooking to taking pictures and playing volleyball and at school I am more STEM-oriented."

abryana alvarado USA

"I am an advocate for STEM education for young women and minorities. I am passionate about space exploration and the environment."

Megan hong USA

"I am interested in ecology and anatomy, but I am also always down for a good literary discussion." 

William luo Australia & China 

"I am passionate about the learning and researching of economics and business management. I like to then apply those theories and concepts into real-life situations." 

MAX FAN Australia 
"I am fascinated by the interplay between literature and the society it helps shape."
Kareena patel UK
"I love learning about medical ethics, as well as advocating for more girls in STEM."
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