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The editing 


Executive science editor


Brittany Berlin

Science editors 

Celine Kim

Nirbaan Maken

Mysara J. Chowdhury

Justin Changbencharoen

Executive social science/Science editor 


Emily Brieske

social science editors

Fariza Samadova

Ogechi Onyedika

podcast manager

Fariza Samadova

Website Designer 

Ogechi Onyedika


Brittany Berlin FL, USA

"As an avid researcher, I am beyond thrilled to be the Young Global Scientists Journal's executive science director! Thus far, my research has focused on dermatological lesions, but I am hoping to branch out of clinical research and into chemical research in the coming months. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn at"

CELINE KIM South Korea

"Scuba diving, journaling, and playing the piano are just a couple of things I love doing in my spare time. I have a strong passion for neuroscience and medicine in general, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in them as well. I'm beyond excited to be working as the science editor of YGS Journal, and I am looking forward to reading amazing work from all of you young scholars!"

Fariza Samadova MD, USA

"I am a Central Asian-American in Maryland! I am currently a social science editor, podcast manager, and the social media manager for the YGS Journal. I am a big fan of cellular biology (especially genetics) and psychology! With YGS I hope to inspire more teens to become more involved with research and science overall."

Ogechi onyedika CA, USA

"In my free time, I love to draw, listen to music, play acoustic and bass guitar, bake, and cook! I am pursuing a career in medicine, and in the YGS Journal, I hope to integrate neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology, utilizing such studies to reflect and illustrate the human condition. As an editor of this journal, I strive to reach and affect a vast array of people groups, developing articles that pertain to the well-being and development of communities worldwide."

Emily Brieske Germany

"I am overjoyed to be the new Young Global Scientists Journal's Executive Social Science Director! Thus far, my research has focused on the normative relationship between citizens and their political community or state, decisions being made in the brain, the consciousness of the brain, game theory, dementia and moral cognition, and the ethics of CRISPR. I am passionate about politics, psychology, neuroscience, economics, and philosophy. My hope is to be able to inspire other young people, especially girls, with my work at YGS to get involved and interested in science.
I would be happy to answer your inquiries via email at or on LinkedIn at ."


"I love biochemistry, especially the mechanisms of actions of various drugs and medicines. In my free time, I enjoy playing jazz on my electric bass and playing tennis with students on my school team. At YGS, I hope to provide students with experience in research publications to inspire and prepare them for careers in science."

Mysara j. Chowdhury Bangladesh

"My passion lies in researching about physics and astrophysics. In my free time, I like to get lost in between the pages of historical and gothic classics. Through YGS, I would like to get my own voice across and help other teens get inspired to pursue STEM research in the future."

Justin changbencharoen UK

"I'm from Thailand but I go to school in the UK. I enjoy F1 and engineering. I'm interested in environmental engineering and environmental science, specifically emerging green fuels. I would like to help expose YGS to a greater audience and include more engineering research papers!" 

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