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Our Alumni

We are so proud of our alumni and super excited to hear what they get up to next in their endeavours!

Founder and Executive Science Editor 22' 
Executive Social Science Editor 21'

Hi! My name is Jerry and I’m a student at UNC Chapel Hill studying biology, public health, and computer science . I love being able to work with similar-minded people across the world to create this journal, a platform where adolescence are able to articulate freely their academic findings, and receive accolade for their work.

We understand that impact factor is considered as a priority with it comes to academic publications in elite journals, which may come off as discouraging to high school students given the limited research and trainings we have been exposed to. Hence, we intend The Young Global Scientists Journal to serve as an intermediate platform to encourage highschool students/budding scientists to further pursue their academic passion, prioritizing originality and interest over the significance of their findings!


Greetings! My name is Kaveesh and I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a double degree between Sciences Po Paris (Reims campus) and Columbia University. I became involved with the journal through my meeting peers from around the world as part of the Yale Young Global Scholars Connect 2020 program. Working at YGS as an editor has taught me the value of giving a voice to different intellectual perspectives, preserving the authenticity of authors and the importance of teamwork to achieve common goals. Moreover, this experience left me with a sense of renewed optimism in the drive and vision of young people around the globe.

Social Science Editor 21'

Hey everyone! I'm Huy from Vietnam, currently studying economics, computer science, and mathematics at the University of Toronto. My passion lies in leveraging technology and education to make a positive impact on underprivileged communities in Vietnam. Currently, I'm conducting independent research on education in rural areas of my home country and working on developing an educational app. Alongside this, I'm self-learning AI to implement innovative solutions in my projects. In my free time, I enjoy photography and reading books, particularly those focused on psychology. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to reach out! Apart from the opportunity to engage in stimulating academic work, my time with YGS has also allowed me to connect with some of the most motivated, talented, and incredible individuals I've ever encountered (s/o to Jerry!). I genuinely cherished my experience with the team!!

Science Editor 21' 

I am a rising junior at Minerva University, studying double major in Computer Science and Biochemistry. Through my university, I get the chance to travel around world every semester, so far I have been to San Francisco, Seoul and Taipei and will move to Buenos Aires next fall. I am currently working as a Research Assistant to a professor at my university to do research on causality and NLP models. I believe intersection of technology and life sciences is key to breakthroughs so I hope to pursue a PhD in biochemistry and hopefully continue research in computational drug discovery or tissue engineering. This journal had a key role in helping me pursue my research goals in high school with its inspiring and motivating community, Jerry's openness to listen to ideas and give people a chance and an amazing team that helps you improve your work to perfection!

Social Science Editor 21'

Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and I’m currently an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, majoring in anthropology. Moving forward in my academic career, I hope to apply humanistic perspectives to healthcare and continue my work in research and development in health policy. YGS journal was one of the lasting highlights of the YYGS experience that brought me closer to brilliant peers across the world through their academic passions. I think it’s especially inspiring that the project came together during the first time YYGS was conducted fully online. Important to the essence of YGS journal was also the fact that it was fully student-led and aimed to connect young scholars and build dialogue through creating a shared academic platform.

One of our very first submissions - Published article 20'

Hi my name is Ali! My article’s publication on YGS allowed me the opportunity to further amplify my voice and be featured on a live interview in a local radio which garnered over 2,000 viewers. I utilized both these opportunities further during college application season, and I’m now a rising Junior at UC Berkeley. But that was not it. During my time at Berkeley, I highlighted in my resume how this publication reflects my deep interest and personal involvement since it was a dedicated work which took months and a lot of effort. With this, I was able to get im CAMP 2030: a UN SDG Solutions Hub which recognizes “the top 10% of global changemakers”. And furthermore, this summer I’m participating in McKinsey’s highly selective (<0.5%) Qimam program. In which, I extensively discussed my paper published on YGS and the efforts I’ve taken since that publication regarding the subject matter.

YGS offers a highly versatile platform that anyone with a dedicated, and professionally presented work can utilize to achieve marvelous things. It is a voice to your creativity, and a bridge between your bright ideas and how they can impact the world. My story with YGS is not yet done, and I look forward to the “next big thing” I’ll be discussing my publication in.

Science Editor 21' 

Hi! My name is Hayley and I’m a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in computer engineering and economics. I loved being able to connect with similar-minded people from all over the world and create this journal, a project we were all passionate about sharing with the world.

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