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To submit your work to YGS Journal, please email

In your email, you must include your: 

  • Full Name

  • Country/Nationality

  • Title of Your Work 

  • Category of Submission (Science, Social Science, Arts)

  • Very Brief 1-2 Sentence Bio (an example is in the submission guide)

  • Your Article/Paper (attached)

We will get back to you as ​soon as possible to confirm the receipt of your article. 

IMPORTANT: To save both your time and ours, please read the submission guide before submitting your article. 

YGS reserves the right not to publish received articles for concerns over quality, content or volume of submissions. By submitting to YGS Journal you are declaring that your work original and that you have acknowledged any work of others used. 

We Are open for submission!

We apologize for the delay in publication. We have been actively recruiting new editors and designers to join our team. If you would like to be part of the team behind the YGS journal, please feel free to reach out via our email!



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